Front Loading & Undercounter Dishwashers AD 505


  • E-VO ADVANCE front-loading and under counter dishwasher with double wall door and body (EFFI-SILENT), recessed wash tank, recessed basket guides, tray filter and wash and rinse arms in AISI-304 stainless steel. Dish service height up to 380 mm (GN1/1 valid) Constant water consumption of 2.4 litres per cycle for the rinse. Thanks to the EFFI-RINSE system, a rinse temperature of 85 ºC and constant pressure are guaranteed throughout the rinse cycle, with built-in atmospheric boiler and rinse pump. New optimised hydraulic EFFI-WASH system, with stainless steel wash arms and one powerful 0.6 kW pump, guaranteeing a top quality effective and efficient wash with an optimum Sinner circle balance.




POWER:                         MULTIPOWER

RACKS/HOUR:              60

PRODUCTION/HOUR:  1080plates

DIMENSIONS:                600 x 600 x 830mm