Hot Trolleys CCF-40


Especially designed for maintaining and serving previously prepared hot food. Food can be hold inside the trolley directly on plates by using of rod shelves or in Gastronorm pans.

• 10, 20 or 40 GN2/1 rack rails (according to the model) with 60 mm separation between rack rails.

• Doubled wall with an injected CFC-free, ecological polyurethane 40 kg/m3 density isolation. With its highly insulated walls, heat losses are reduced thus obtaining energy savings.

• Heating system by using two (2) forced-air electric resistors in each cabinet body to ensure that heat is distributed trough all the unit. The special design of the chamber and rack rails enables the creation of a uniform, even airflow distribution, ensuring that food is always maintained at its right temperature.

• Waveless evaporation tray system to control humidity in the chamber and prevent food from drying out.



SPECIFICATIONS:              CCF-40

DOORS:                               2

DISTANCE:                           20MM

POWER:                              2000

DIMENSIONS:                      1.489 x 876 x 1.640mm