Bar Refrigerators PVC Coated Bodies BB250


  • 35/40kg/m3 Ecology Friendly HCFC Free Polyurethane Insulation.
  • Fan Cooling.
  • Digital Thermometer and Thermostat.
  • Automatic Defrost.
  • Locks on each door.
  • Height adjustable legs.
  • Special door and Hinges System.
  • Removable and Easy Cleaning magnetic gaskets.
  • Plastic coated steel-shelf.



  • Inside Body Grey PVC Coated Galvanized sheet.
  • Outside Body Black PVC Coated Galvanized sheet.
  • Cooling gas CFC Free: R-134.
  • Ambient Temperature +32 degrees.
  • SS Models: Door + Lower Panel in stainless steel.
  • Temperature Range +2/+12 degrees