Ice Maker FIM-80


Over dimensioned condenser for hot weather conditions for both water and air cooling systems. Simple reliable ice making system designed for heavily scaled water and hard working conditions.

Ice-cube makers with built in tank for solid ice cubes

• Made of AISI 304 high quality steel and built in door.

• Hazard free stainless steel inward opening door.

• Front ventilation system.

• Outside ON/OFF switch.

• Flexible injectors for improved performance with heavily scaled water supply.

• Made by top performance electromechanical equipment. A limescale filter is recommended for water with high limescale content.

• Kg/24h production capacity at 20 ºC room temperature and 15 ºC water supply.

• R404A coolant.

• ¾” water inlet.

• Single phase 230V/50Hz connection (230V/60Hz optional connection).




PRODUCTION:                  22kg

TANK:                                  35kg

POWER:                             755w

DIMENSIONS:                     645 x 645 x 870mm